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Documentary of Masa

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About Masa

Finally on 23rd April 2008, a remarkable attempt was made to constitute a Memon Forum. In this connection, a group of 66 memon (younger & elder) brothers assembled at a LaSaani (Ex.Spinzer) Restaurant, where, Al Hamdo Lillah, our seniors succeeded to Constitute a Memon Welfare Forum (MWF) which was later on named as MASA (Memon Association Saudi Arabia). Among the group of 66 members, our senior (& junior) members such as Yaqoob Moosani, Haji Amanullah, Ahmed Abdul Karim, Sheikh Luqman, Mohammed Chapra. Dr, Hamid A. Khader, M.Amin Al Maimani, Dr.Iqbal Lohia, Late M.Amin Teli, Dr. Iqbal Musani, Munaf Abdul Ghaffar Ghamdi, Haroon Dossani, Hanif Jangda, Abdul Rahman Merchant, Irfan Kolsawala, Nadeem Bhamla, Younus Goli, Munaf Bukhsi, Mansoor Shivani, Nasir Ibrahim Rashid Kasmani, Afzal Thekia, Arif Memon, Aftab Memon, Tayyab Moosani and more, were present and became part of the founding group of MWF. At the same time, an election of President took place, wherein, Aftab Memon became the First President of MWF with slight majority of votes.   In fact main founding group who approached community members and invited them to attend the assembly were Sheik Luqman, Mansoor Shivani, Nasir Ibrahim and Younus Habib Goli. After having Aftab Memon elected as President, our other enthusiast brothers were nominated for remaining posts such as Mansoor Shivani,VP, Rashid Kasmani,GS, Nasir Ibrahim,JS and Hanif Jangda as Treasurer. Despite his enthusiasm, selfless and sincere efforts, it was unfortunate that throughout his tenure as president, Aftab Memon faced various problems and difficulties to perform his responsibilities smoothly. During midterm, a critical situation elevated to the extent that did not leave any choice for him except to resign. But later on the resignation was nullified by the seniors.


However, after the tenure of one and half year of first president, a general body meeting of the seniors and active members of MASA was called in November 2009, where it was unanimously decided to hand over the office of the President for 2 years (2010 & 2011) to Dr. Iqbal Musani as the second president of MASA. He as accompanied by Younus Habib as VP, Asif Lala as VP, Tayyab Moosani as GS, Nasir Ibrahim as JS, Hanif Jangda as Treasurer.  In accordance with his caliber and capability as well as extensive experience in the field of social work, Dr. Iqbal Musani undertook his responsibilities as President of MASA diligently and very successfully.  The discipline, understanding, mutual respect in the meetings and full support & cooperation and team work in the various events were exemplary. Upon successful completion of the term of two years of Dr. Iqbal Musani, an election took place on panel basis in December 2011 and new elected Office Bearers took over the office of MASA for 2012 & 2013.    The elected team consisted of Arif Memom, President, Younus Habib, VP, Mansoor Shivani, VP, Tayyab Moosani, Gen. Secretary, A. Rashid Kasmani, Joint Secretary and Shoaib Sikander, Treasurer. Due to certain reason, New Body amended the name of MASA and replaced it with Memon Welfare Society (MWS) and decided to use MASA as nick name of our Forum since it has our cultural touch.  However, it has amazingly gained FAME with nick name MASA. Indeed, the new elected body performed well for the stability of MWS and achieved confidence and trust of the community during last two years successfully. In view of commendable and unprecedented social events and welfare services, the same team was elected unopposed once again by our community for another term of two years 2014 & 2015. Upon completion of term of last body, an election took place  in 2016 where in Mr. Irfan Haji Ahmed Kolsawala was elected as President of MWS-MASA as well as other office bearers till next election. The Core Committee consists of Office Bearers always welcomes suggestion, advices & guidance from the community members, which help in progress and prosperity of MWS-MASA drastically. Wishing MASA all the best and success in it’s noble aims and objectives.


It’s a coincidence that in the month of April three world fame Memon Orgs came into existence:


-All India Memon Jamats Federation (AIMJF)11th April

-Memon Welfare Society (MWS-MASA)23rd April

-Word Memon Organization (WMO)28th April


Aims & Objectives:

The Mission of Memon Welfare Society (MWS) "Memon Association Saudi Arabia (MASA)" is to act as a non sectarian and non political organization representing the Memon Community legal resident in Saudi Arabia to promote unity, welfare, advancement in all aspects in accordance with Islamic Principles and Saudi local laws.




The aims and objectives of the MASA are:


i.To make coordinated efforts and support for the alleviation of economical, educational, social, cultural, medical, rehabilitation problems faced by any of the community member.


ii.To protect, maintain and promote the culture, language and dignity of the community.


iii.To create a sense of brotherhood, cooperation and cohesion amongst Memon living in Saudi Arabia.


iv.To assist solving their social, economical and cultural problems by providing help & assistance in the various fields.

The foundation of this legendary federation was laid during the golden era between 1987-1995.


Keeping in mind their common desires to bring the community together, a handful of very affluent Memon members came forward, with just one goal on mind – community welfare.


Some of the first ever committee members comprised of Ashraf Tumbi, Salim Dawawala, YakubMusani, Mohammed Amin Abdullah Teli, Dr. IqbalMusani, Nasir Ibrahim, Muhammed Luqman Sheikh, HanifJhangda, Abdul SattarMemon, MasoodMarfani, Faruk Dawawala, Rashid Kasmani, Amin Al Maimani, Munaf Abdul Gaffar& AlMaimani brothers from Makkah. A group was formed by them, the first ever to be created in Jeddah. By mutual consent, Mohammed Amin Abdallah Teli was elected to be the Founder/President, followed by YakubMusani as the VP. Ashraf Tumbi was the Patron, the secretary and joint secretary, were Salim Dawawala &DrIqbalMusani, respectively.


The committee members comprised of Nasir Ibrahim, Faruk Dawawala & Amin AlMaimani and hence, the MEMON WELFARE FORUM was formed.


All the elite members strived to work discreetly, keeping in mind that the act of giving without expecting something in return was the true definition of kindness. Under this Oath, MWF embarked upon such acts of concern, many of which were not documented. Deals and discussions were mainly carried out by verbal consent. The word of mouth was strong enough to make things happen. Most importantly, it was the sincerity& brotherhood of the members.


Some of the remarkable achievements that were made are still remembered by the community. Obliged to mention the fact that event gatherings such as in year the 1992 Eid Milanparty were conducted with a rough attendance of at least 250 families. The first such gathering ever was held LaSani restaurant (Ex Spinzer).


Not only active into affairs of the worldly matters, the MWF also founded the Madrasa named Saad Bin Abi Waqas, with a sincere dream to enlighten and illuminate the community children by teaching them the Quran, in an advanced and profound way. The teachers were efficient, prohibited to cane or thrash the young learners. The madrasa itself had well-furnished classes, each equipped with computers and AC’s.


The transport fleet comprised of 3 buses, whose fares were donated entirely to the madrasa for the well-being and smooth running of the same.With time, the Madrasa also was able to start Quran classes for adults & Ladies.


Apart from this, many other miscellaneous activities were also performed, which do not hold official records, but are forever imprinted in the hearts of the beneficiaries.It functioned smoothly and fairly well, until the laws of the Kingdom got stricter, and in order to avoid any problems with the vice, the community had to reduce and eventually stop certain activities altogether.